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Art of Mob - iPhone Photography

Festival Samsung mObgraphia Recap and Call for Entry for Olhar de Torcedor


In June, the first national event in Brazil, held by mObgraphia and Samsung took place at the Image and Sound Museum in São Paulo.
The Samsung mObgraphia Festival presented two exhibitions, workshops, panels and talks about the fastest growing visual art of the world, as we call it mobgraphia or mobgrafia in Portuguese and Spanish.
A national award was started prior to the festival with more than 12.0000 images posted in Instagram under #samsungmobgraphia.
Becken Lima
Marcelo Silva Henry
Patricia Galvao
Dio Bastoge
The images, divided in seven cathegories (street, portrait, landscape, bw, visual art, essays and Samsung moment, dedicated to galaxy and other Samsung devices) where exhibited along with another show with eight invited and influential photographers that produced their essays with the new Samsung s5 Galaxy, making this the first structured event on mobile photography for Latin America.
Andreh Santos
Leticia Melo
Nicolle Caetano Scafariello
Samsung and mObgraphia have also released ‘Olhar de Torcedor‘, a new contest dedicated to the major soccer event in the country, and will be closed on July 13. The project will produce a new exhibition and a book, to be released in September at Museu do Futebol (The Soccer Museum) in Sao Paulo.
Some images from the event and more info, at and
You are all invited to check it out and join the new contest!



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