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mObgraphia Cultura Visual is pleased to announce the sponsorship of Bravecto, a MSD Animal Health product which values freedom of dogs, in its 1st edition of FLAMOB – Latin American Mobgraphs Festival and Awards, to be held at Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS), in São Paulo, from June 18 to July 24 and will bring together the best picture records captured and edited by smartphones.

To celebrate this partnership with mObgraphia, MSD will present the special categoryBRAVECTO DOGS for the open call to the public and which will be part of the festival official program.

Check out the description and rules for this category below:


Our relationship with dogs is beyond special. Whether through a bark, a lick or even when we get pawed on our face, they are our partners and they comfort us at all times, good or bad. They may even destroy the furniture, eat our shoes, but in the end, all they do is giving love and they deserve to be rewarded.

The mission of Bravecto, a pill which protects dogs against ticks and fleas for 12 weeks, is giving your dog the whole world. And it is in the name of such freedom that Bravecto and mObgraphia invite you to share with the world the most artistic, spontaneous, curious and unique moments of your dog’s life.

What picture shows your “Bravecto Dog”? That is, what picture shows him free, cheerful, playing, happy, making the most of what it really is to be a dog? And where, in what scenario, in what special moment, in which “background”?

Show your artistic self, grab your phone and take that picture of your “Bravecto dog”, that one which is worth a frame on the wall and an exhibition! And feel free to edit the picture in your favorite mobile apps.

To compete, post the picture on your Instagram profile with a description of its story, using both of the following hashtags: #flamob and #bravecto, together, on the same picture.


  1. Your profile must be public, not private.
  2. Hashtags posted in comments will not be considered
  3. We will only consider photos published from 5/04 to 6/05.

50 competitors’ pictures will be preselected as finalists. 5 winners will be selected out of these.

The selection criteria are composed of: the picture’s artistic look, its originality and creativity, so get ready to honor your best friend!



The 50 finalist pictures will integrate a video with the proper author credits (participant’s Instagram profile id), which will be exhibited throughout Flamob at MIS from 6/18 to 7/24 2016. They will also be featured on mObgraphia channels (website and social networks).

The 5 winners will be awarded:

  • Printed display in prominent locations at MIS from 6/18 to 7/24 2016.
  • FLAMOB 2016 Trophy
  • Featured in mObgraphia channels
  • Picture printed on fine art paper for each winner
  • Bravecto surprise kit

The opening of the mObgraphia festival exhibition will take place in São Paulo on June 17, 2016 at MIS. The mobgraphs chosen by the jury as finalists will be printed and exhibited until July 24, 2016.


The selected works will be disclosed until June 10, 2016 on and its channels. Winners will be announced on June 17, 2016 at MIS Main Auditorium in São Paulo and subsequently published in mObgraphia channels.

  • Images must be submitted until 11:59 p.m. on June 5, 2016.
  • It is mandatory to post the picture on your Instagram profile with the description of its story, using the 2 hashtags #flamob and #bravecto, together, on the same picture. The absence of one of the hashtags disqualifies the picture automatically. We will only consider photos published from 5/04 to 6/05.
  • All authors who use mobgraph (pictures captured and edited on a mobile device), are over 18 years of age and live in Latin America may participate.
  • Applicants may submit as many images as they want (black and white or in color)
  • All images must be captured and edited with any type of mobile communication device (tablets, smartphones or mobile phones of any operating system).
  • Pictures may only be edited using mobile device editing applications.
  • Works whose copyright does not belong fully and without exception to the participant may not be submitted.
  • There is no registration cost for the Award.
  • Mobgraphs sent by email will not be accepted. However, you may be asked to send the original file by e-mail to prove that it was captured and edited by a smartphone.
  • Images including signatures, watermarks or frames will not be accepted
  • mObgraphia is not responsible for any failure in posting on the Instagram platform or for the lack of use of image authorizations of photographed subjects.
  1. JURY

Initially there will be a pre-selection of the works which will generate shortlists to be chosen by the jury; the winners will be selected out of these. There will be no appeal against the jury’s decision.

The selection criteria are composed of: the picture’s artistic look, its originality and creativity, according to the commission’s understanding.


All image rights belong to the participant. Any images used by mObgraphia and by MSD Animal Health through its channels, such as the Instagram profile @msdpetstar, will be identified with its copyright claims.

Its use may be included in publications and/or disclosure, observing that any use of image authorizations are the sole responsibility of the photographer/contributing author.

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