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FLAMOB – Latin American Mobile Photo Festival and Awards


Latin America: A continental integration through mobile photography

 With an already consolidated work, two Festivals and National Awards at the Museum of the Image and Sound in Sao Paulo, one international mobile film festival, several awards, courses, workshops and exhibits produced, two published books and strong partnerships with serious companies, mObgraphia Visual Culture is a reference in mobile visual arts in Latin America, always seeking for opportunities of spreading the new generation arts.

In this next June and July, mObgraphia releases the First Latin American Mobile Photo Festival, in a co-production with  Popckorn Fotomovil (producers of the Buenos Aires Mobile Festival) .




17.6 – 18:30

Official opening and award ceremony

Keynote Luiz Baltar, winner of Conrado Wessel and Brasil Awards


From 17.6 to 24.7




Latin American Awards winners – 6 categories + special categories (sponsors): Portrait, BW, Landscape, Street, Documental/Photojournalism, Visual Arts, Essays.


This exhibit puts together the very best of brazilian and latin american mobile photography in categories that express the multitude of styles and approaches from the image captured, edited and shared with smartphones.


Special Guest Exhibit – “LIFE” by Everyday Latin America curated by Elie Gardner and @everydaylatinamerica team.


4/4/4 – New talent exhibit, an open contest launched in all mObgraphia channels from January to April. Once a week, 4 images from 4 photographers were chosen and published. The 4 winners among 60 images selected will be shown in a side exhibit at the MIS  Museum. Curated by mObgraphia team and guests.


Theater Screenings:


Mobile Photo Awards and mObgraphia revision (2013/2015)


mObgraphia film festival 2015 – winners and 2016 edition announcement


July 9 and 10 (from 10 am to 9 pm):


Roundtable with Iatã Cannabrava (Estudio Madalena) and guests


Roundtable with Cadu Lemos and Ricardo Rojas (mObgraphia), Javier Siriani (Popckorn) and Elie Gardner (Everyday Latin America).


Keynote with Diogenes Moura, brazilian photography curator and writer


Painel com Iatã Cannabrava e convidados

Mobgrafia and Fine Art. Is it possible? Roundtable with Lucas Lenci e Rodrigo Vieira (Shootermag)

Panel with Clício Barroso
Roundtablel with Mozart Mesquita e Leo Saldanha (Feira Fotografar) and guests

Renato Gaiofato and action sports mobile photography

Portfolio readings with Juan Esteves and  Marcelo Greco

Cássio Vasconcellos, Manuela Matos Monteiro (Mira Mobile Prize), Clicio Barroso, Rodrigo Vieira (Shootermag), José Diniz, Oscar Durand (Everyday Latin America), Erico Hiller, Adriana Zehbrauskas e Daniel Berman (Mobile Photo Awards)

Award Rules and Regulations

Latin American Mobgrafia (mobile photo) Festival and Awards


  1. THEME



Send a mobgrafia or mobgraphy  (mobile photo) for each category listed below  (Essay: 5 images, no more no less).




ESSAY (by essay we mean the set of 5 images on the same subject – storytelling images)




Any photographer using mobgrafia (images captured and edited in a mobile device) and over 18 years old is eligible to participate in this contest.




– Candidates must submit one image by category (black and white or color)

– Works whose copyrights does not belong fully and exclusively to the participant cannot be submitted

– Images should be sent until 11:59 pm of May 30, 2016

– There´s no enrollment fee

– Participants must comply with the dates and name the categories in which their works have been registered.




– Every image must be captured and edited on any mobile communication device (tablets, smartphones or cell phones with any operating system)

– Images can only be edited using an editing application from a mobile device.

– Images must be sent in one email by category only (1 image by category) to, and the email subject must contain the name of the category.

  • Only images sent as an email attachment will be accepted
  • Only images properly marked with the author´s name, address and category the author is applying to, will be accepted.

– Only images submitted in digital format and meeting the specifications below will be evaluated:

  • Format: jpeg
  • Dimensions: 1000 pixels on the largest side.
  • File size: the file must be greater than 900 kb and smaller than 5MB


Images meeting the conditions below will not be accepted:

  • images that are part of the email body
  • images including signatures, watermarks or frames


– Name each file with the author´s first and last name, followed by hyphen, image number (in case of essay), hyphen and category to which the work will be submitted.


JohnSmith-portrait; JohnSmith-landscape, etc.

– You may be required to send the original file in order to establish the legitimacy of capture and edition via smartphone

– After submitting the enrollment, each participant will receive a confirmation email regarding his/her submission

– The organization is not responsible for any email server overloads and issues in the case of email servers used as contest platform (e.g.: Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).

– Submissions will not be returned. Only the selected winning works will be saved for publicizing purposes, with the authorization from the author granted at the moment of enrollment.

– mObgraphia  is not responsible for any enrollment failure or loss, or for the lack of authorization for use of images concerning the subject photographed.


  1. JURY


Initially, a pre-selection will take place, generating shortlists containing the works to be selected by the jurors; the winners for each category will be chosen from these shortlists…

No appeal should lie against jury decisions.




Image copyrights belong to the participant. Every image used by mObgraphia will be identified with the respective copyright credits. Images can be included in publications and / or materials for publicizing purposes, noting that any authorization for use of images are the sole responsibility of the participant (photographer/author)..




Works selected will be disclosed until June 10, 2016 at and on its channels.

Winners will be announced on June 17, 2016, at the Main Auditorium of MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo, Brazil, and subsequently published on mObgraphia channels.



mObgrafia trophy

Highlight on mObgraphia channels

Printing in fine art paper for each category winner


Exhibition from June 18 to July 24, 2016 at MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brazil.





The exhibition opening of  the mObgraphia festival will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, on June 17, 2016 at MIS – Museu da Imagem e do Som. Mobgrafias selected by the jury as finalists will be printed and exhibited until July 24, 2016.

About mObgraphia Visual Culture:

Mobgrafia (mobile photography) in Brazil:

 Mobgrafia (mobile photography) is a movement created in 2013, and surfaced to incentivate and develop the use of mobile devices to produce photography and visual arts. With over half a billion Apple iOS and Android systems sold around the world, reality shows that there are now an unprecedented number of cameras in the world. This enormous increase in mobile cameras has allowed for a huge increase of images uploaded to platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and others.

mObgraphia Visual Culture, our brand,  and its founders, Cadu Lemos and Ricardo Rojas, both photographers, understood that this was positive,( although some traditional photographers are still resisting to grasp the whole concept) and full of possibilities to form and inform a whole new generation of artists based ,not solely, in mobile devices.

The movement started with basic and advanced workshops conducted in Sao Paulo and other major cities in Brazil and the first edition of the festival in 2014, succeeded by a strong second edition in 2015  along with two published books and the first mobile movie festival in november of that year.

Lemos and Rojas now will hold their third mObgraphia Festival and for the first time, a Latin American edition . A radio and a new book are scheduled for the event and new exhibitions around the country confirming that the new frontier of image as an art and a social movement and communication  is here to stay.

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